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Which RIDGEPRO™ solution works best for you?


Solution #1 - Standard version

Solution #1 - Standard version

SOLUTION #1: The RIDGEPRO™ - Standard Version

The Standard Version of The RIDGEPRO™ is for those who already have some of the other components that complete the safety system. Not included are the extension pole, industry-approved lanyard or harness. A harness isn't necessary if you are an inspector or a professional who just gets up and down roofs quickly for your job, but we suggest making the investment in a quality harness to increase your safety. An extension pole must be purchased separately and will require the user to pre-drill holes in the threading to accept a locking pin. A thumb screw (not included) can also be used to stop the extension pole from spinning once installed.


Standard version solutions:

  • Safe transitioning ability on and off ladders from 6/12 to 12/12 pitches
  • Faster access to the peak than standard rope-and-harness techniques
  • Lightweight alternative to bulky scaffolding or roof planks
  • Anchoring capabilities for extended-time roof access requirements
  • Versatility across many professional roofing applications
  • Durable strength supports weight of multiple, simultaneous users (when anchored)
  • Capability to accept most extension poles purchased at retail hardware stores




Solution #2 - The RIDGEPRO™ Plus

Solution #2 - The RIDGEPRO™ Plus


The RIDGEPRO™ Plus offers all the benefits of The RIDGEPRO™ and includes an 8-foot extension pole (16-feet when extended). If you currently use a rope and harness in your business, then The RIDGEPRO™ Plus would be a great solution for you. Includes capability to connect a lanyard to The RIDGEPRO™ and start working steep-slope surfaces right away. Also includes a locking pole that snaps into extension as opposed to a nylon threaded extension pole, which can slip when trying to rotate The RIDGEPRO™ on and off the peak.


Plus version solutions:

  • Includes all solutions offered by the Standard version
  • Connect to a roof peak while still on the ladder
  • Completes your current rope and harness system with added reach of the extension pole
  • Compact pole easily collapses to fit into any job truck
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Correct locking pole included with purchase to avoid rotational slipping experienced with nylon threaded poles.


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